PFP Systems
performs passive fire protection, insulation and precision grouting applications
PFP Systems
has expertise in the application of light weight cementitious materials
PFP Systems
advanced equipment ensures epoxy intumescents are applied correctly
PFP Systems
has experience in precision epoxy grouting
PFP Systems
can be relied upon to manage the complexity associated with epoxy grouting
PFP Systems PFP Systems PFP Systems PFP Systems PFP Systems


Our project history in various corporate forms since 1989 is listed by discipline and product classification. Use the navigation to your left to view our extensive projects.

About Us

We seek to provide a comprehensive service involving Product Flexibility, Quality Assurance and rigorous onsite Health, Safety and Environmental Management.


The design, supply and installation of Darchem’s Darmatt passive fire protection system around valves and actuators on the wet gas and sales gas lines...

Who Are We?

PFP Systems is a contractor that specialises in providing costs effective solutions in the areas of Passive Fire Protection, Precision Grouting and Insulation. Our personnel and experience allows PFP Systems to be a partner in ensuring that the most appropriate system is installed to specification. 

We are able to support our Customers operating within Asia Pacific; our structure allowing us to quickly mobilise within the region.


What Do We Do?

  • Install both epoxy and cementitious passive fire protection within the hydrocarbon market
  • Install passive fire protection within the cellulosic market
  • Install precision grouting; both epoxy and cementitious product 
  • We seek to provide solutions to complex challenges within our focus markets drawing upon our access and expertise in the deployment of the latest industrial equipment 
  • We also participate in the generation of specifications in support of specific Customer requirements


We endeavour to provide a comprehensive service which includes supplying industry leading materials, Quality Assurance and robust processes as they apply to Health, Safety and the Environment.